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High-school Education in Australia

The highly developed education of Australia has attracted a large number of international students who fancy culture and study experiences. Compared to vocational and tertiary levels, high schools have received equal attention recently. Investing in the future is never too much; let’s look closer at the case to get the best orientation for your children.

Who are eligible for high school study in Australia?

Australian secondary education is divided into two levels: Junior Secondary (grades 7 – 10) and Senior Secondary (grades 11 – 12). Students in these grades are potential applicants. They should also satisfy the following conditions:

  • Academic performance of Average Credit or higher (7.5)
  • Obtained a 5.0 IELTS certificate or attended a 20- to 40-week intensive English course at Australian high schools.
  • Completed enrolment in Australian high schools before the semesters in January, April, July, and October every year.

Application procedures for high school study in Australia

Students must fully prepare the following documents to facilitate their admission into Australian high schools:

  • English Certificate (Please contact DHLEE for immediate support if you do not have any)
  • Academic records of the last 2 years
  • Passport
  • Identity card/citizenship card
  • Financial profile
  • Filled information form and school enrolment form

Cost of high school study in Australia

Students should allocate their study budget to tuition fees and living expenses. Below is a cost list that DHLEE has concluded based on reality. However, this is only a tentative reckoning, and an exact calculation would require a clear determination of the targeted school, accommodation, and so on. Don’t worry; we will give the most detailed and specific advice on this.

  • English:
    AUD 200 – 500/week
  • Mainstream curriculum:
    AUD 11,000 – 17,000/year
Cost of living :
  • AUD 15,000 – 19,830/year
  • Homestay:
    • AUD 300-320/week (according to the Australian Department of Education).
    • This cost is calculated based on the most basic living needs and what have been actually paid by DHLEE’s international students.
Health Insurance:
  • AUD 620 – 650/year.
    • All international students have to pay compulsory insurance, as required by the Australian government.

High school study abroad programs in Australia

Junior Secondary School (grades 7 – 10)

  • The curriculum consists of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, and English.
  • After completing the Junior Secondary program, international students can elect to proceed with the higher grades or take vocational courses for Certificates I, II, III, IV.

Senior secondary (grades 11 – 12)

  • After completing Grade 11, Australian international students of grades 10 or higher can take a one-year Foundation Year course or take a Certificate IV vocational course.
  • After completing Grade 12, International students obtain a high school graduation certificate and then choose the said Foundation Year program or Certificate IV vocational course.

Preparing student visa applications for applicants under 18 will be much more difficult than that for a university student, hence the need for a team with sufficient experience and knowledge of Vietnamese and Australian laws. DHLEE securely meets this need because the applications will be done by a team of lawyers with more than 20 years of experience who have succeeded in many cases. And yet, as we know well the strengths and weaknesses of the students, we will advise on which school and homestay is the most suitable to them, based on the needs of individual customers. Even when students have started their study abroad, they still receive support from DHLEE in Australia so as to better integrate into the new environment. Insightful of the parents’ worries and concerns for their children, we are willing to act as an extended arm for parents to reach out to their children and get the clear-cut picture.

The Australian government and DHLEE have launched a lot of incentives that support international students. Please leave your information here or contact us via our fanpage now. DHLEE will bring you the best solution for your journey to Australian high schools!