Student visa
Student visa

There are no age restrictions on age for the Australian student visa. However, applicants under 18 years old are required to have a guardian (father, mother, brother, sister, etc.) accompany them or find a guardian in Australia. The rate of a successful visa application will vary depending on age. Students who have just graduated from high school will be most likely to succeed in applying for an Australian student visa. If you have already entered the labour market and want to study in Australia, don’t hesitate to contact DHLEE at +84 865653549 for more detailed advice.

In general, tuition fees and living costs in Australia are not too high. The average monthly living cost for an international student is AUD 1,500 or more. The Australian government issues a lot of incentive policies for international students. Depending on your needs and financial capacity, DHLEE will design a study pathway as well as advise on the selection of schools and accommodations. We will optimize your budget while assuring you the best quality of study and living in Australia.

The fee that you pay the Australian Government for Australian student visa application will depend on the subclass of student visa, the applicant age and other associated expenses.

A student visa involves the following costs:

Consultancy on student residence in Australia

  • Basic visa fee: AUD 630
  • Fee for accompanying family member over 18 years old: AUD 470
  • Fee for accompanying family member under 18 years old: AUD 155
  • Subsequent temporary application charge: AUD 700

Contact DHLEE now or leave your information here. Our consultants will contact you soon with the most detailed information.

Mindful of your challenges in integrating into the new environment, DHLEE will go side by side with international students throughout their study process. We have a team of correspondent lawyers in Australia who will provide on-demand, around-the-clock support.

Making a decision on which major to study is a big challenge for parents and students, most of whom are not knowledgeable enough about the education and working environments in Australia. Our lawyers with extensive experience in Australian education will come up with orientations that best match Australian realities. Please contact DHLEE +84 865653549 and get advice on profession selection based on your forte and open a bright future with us.

A house within close proximity to the city’s downtown will cost a lot more than a house on the outskirts. Thus, the rent depends greatly on the facilities and location of the house. If possible, you can rent a whole dwelling; otherwise, you may save money by sharing accommodations with friends or finding a reliable roommate to share the rent.

For international students under the age of 18, living in a homestay with local people is the best choice. When living with a local, students will be taught how to behave and the local culture, making it easier for them to integrate.

For international students coming to Australia for the first time, it can be a bit complicated. However, international students and their families can rest assured because DHLEE will thoroughly guide you on how to use public transport and other services.

Working Visa
Working Visa

Australian working visa targets quite a wide range of applicants without too strict requirements on an academic level or English proficiency. Depending on the major as well as the class of visa, there will be specific criteria, such as age, and work experience,… For more details specific to your needs, please contact DHLEE’s hotline +84 865653549 and get specific advice.

Today, the salary of an immigrant worker in Australia in the agricultural industry starts at 40 million dongs/month. This is just the average number of workers who have their Australian worker visa application prepared by DHLEE. There are many professions with higher incomes, such as engineering, construction… The above income will ensure a comfortable life for workers and significant savings when they return home.

The cost will depend on the subclass of working visas. So, please contact DHLEE immediately to receive detailed advice on the cost of each subclass of Australian working visa.

DHLEE has been cooperating with many businesses in the agriculture, engineering, and construction sectors. Customers will have their rights guaranteed throughout the working process under Australian laws and especially, DHLEE will go side by side with you.

The validity term of the visa will depend on the visa subclass you are heading for. So, please contact DHLEE now or leave your information here, and our consultants will immediately reach out to you with the most detailed information.

Your worker visa will be extended when you meet the visa extension conditions. The visa extension conditions are varied by the visa subclass.

So, please contact DHLEE now or leave your information here, and our consultants will immediately reach out to you with the most detailed information.

The financial proof is required when you apply for an Australian worker visa. This is how you demonstrate that you can afford your initial living expenses upon arrival in Australia.

You can sponsor your family to come to Australia with you. However, this depends on what class of worker visa the family member holds, since only certain worker visa subclasses allow the accompanying family member to be sponsored during the visa’s validity.

To better understand what Australian worker visa subclasses allow you to have accompanying family members, please quickly leave your information here or contact DHLEE, our consultant will give you the best details.

The requirements for English proficiency depend on the profession in which you want to work in Australia. The common case is that you will need IELTS 5.0 or higher or equivalent certificates.

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Business & Investment Visa
Business & Investment Visa

There is a wide variety of immigration by investment programs; this is where DHLEE comes in to give you case-by-case advice. We will give the most suitable recommendation based on the customer’s economic position. Don’t hesitate to call DHLEE for now or leave your contact here, and our consultants will immediately reach out to you with clear-cut details.

Just like the application for other visas, document preparation will take a considerable amount of time if the visa applicant is inexperienced and unaware of the deficiencies in their application. If getting on the right track from the very scratch, you will stave off the trouble of repeated correction which wastes a great deal of time and paperwork. DHLEE always provides a roadmap to proceed with your personal documents productively and just leave the rest to our experienced lawyers.

DHLEE will help you with the procedures as quickly as possible, so how long you have to wait depends only on the application appraisal process of the Australian Consulate. Your application will be consulted with and assessed by DHLEE’s team of lawyers with more than 20 years of experience in immigration, who will definitely save you a lot of time.

There are numerous options. You can apply for an immigrant visa for a whole family at the same time or first for a few family members and sponsor others to come later. DHLEE will offer a roadmap that meets your needs, subject to your plan and conditions.

The English qualification requirements of the immigrant visa are quite simple, just to ensure that you can communicate, live and integrate into the Australian environment as easily as possible.

The children of a family settling in Australia will have access to the world’s leading education, which opens up opportunities for high-income jobs. And what’s more, you also benefit from medical care, public services, and many other utilities in Australia.

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Study & Migration Counselling
Study & Migration Counselling

DHLEE will provide a career orientation so that you can have a closer look at fields of industry where your strengths can be promoted. Especially, our team with more than 10 years of experience in the Australian education industry will help you to choose a career that is prioritized by the Australian government, which is very beneficial for your job and immigration orientation in the future.

The study-abroad routes vary greatly depending on the applicant categories and requirements. You just need to provide your information in full, and DHLEE will be the one to outline the roadmap that leads to your goal.

It is very hard to make a fixed reckoning since each immigration program has its own route. But don’t worry, our in-depth consulting service will offer Australian immigration solutions tailored to the customers’ specific conditions. Simply leave your contact information here, and our consultants will reach out to you with clear-cut details in the fastest way.

DHLEE will give advice on choosing schools and optional subjects based on the customer’s forte and needs. This will help you to study in your desired environment and play to your strengths.

DHLEE will lay the groundwork for your overseas study, especially your integration into the Australian environment. We also offer a variety of services, such as airport pick-up and drop-off, flight ticket booking, and sim card service, to ensure your comfort while living and studying in Australia. 

Yes, definitely. Besides our Vietnam-based headquarter, DHLEE has a workstead in Australia with a highly-spirited team who are committed to going side by side with customers during their time in Australia.

We are always eager to provide you with the most suitable solution. Boasting more than 20 years of experience in immigration and over 10 years of working in the Australian education environment, DHLEE will be a powerful helper that you can count on to realize your Australian dream.

Please contact the hotline +84 865653549 for immediate advice!